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Hey guys it’s Kevin Kreider extra thanjust muscle I want to share a little little bit of a vlog on why I decided to notcompete within the IFP a pro in guys’s physique or any sort of competitionsprobably for an extraordinarily long time i’d don’t forget myself semi-retired proper nowand the reason why i am semi-retired correct now is on account that the fellows in men’sphysique are just getting so gigantic now it’s becoming extra of a bodybuildingshow simply in swim trunks and i do not quite like that kind of stuff I likethe aesthetics of a person that may fit into clothes higher that may fit intothe fashion designer jeans that they wish to fit into suits and seem good in suitsnot look like a block I mean have you ever ever obvious some of these physique butters oreven physique opponents now they look horrible in fits they appear really ifthey seem stupid watching all actually they only do not dumb and that is thething like i don’t want to seem like that and that’s my private preferencesome individuals might like that so that is my opinion and you then might have adifferent opinion about that but I simply don’t love that lookand here is the thing guys I could wait until i am normally in my masters andthat’s a number of years from now but the thing is I need to come into masterslooking first-class and shredded and looking aesthetic as good i don’t wish to losethat part of guys’s physique and bodybuilding like within the days of SteveReeves of the aesthetics it was once all about the aesthetics about theproportion of the shoulders the waist legs no longer being too blocky and no longer havingtoo tremendous of a chest now not having your fingers overpower some thing however having a greatlean physique as well and that’s what I cherished about bodybuilding so that is noreason why i am quitting and then other you get too obsessed you get tooobsessed with constructing your physique when you are competing for 3 to 6 months Iwould actually not development in my work my relationships our acquaintances or careerbecause I used to be simply bodybuilding I was just lifting consuming food plan lifting 80dieting sleeping and repeat rinse I it was once just a subculture that was once not for meI wasn’t I was once lacking out on things I quite experience and i gotta tellyou within the Naturals there’s now not much money concerned right now and the thingis there is very few persons within the naturals that can rather make a ton ofmoney and that i simply could not see myself making that sacrifice for the reason that there aresome stuff that you are taking that’s questionable if it’s ordinary or not itfeels somewhat weird the truth that you could get it one month after which six monthslater you’re like well what the heck occurred to this supplement oh the FDAtook it off very well next and that’s the item guys I want to go into my nextbodybuilding exhibit as a masters and be wholly none of that other shady stuffmaybe take some Elsa – Elsa : almost mallet and some creatinehydrochloride go into the exhibit dry out for the week before or go in there pumpup and simply get a bit of bit of a tan and going there looking aesthetic that’exhibit I wish to kill it subsequent time and i need to do when i have a bit of bit morefree time – it turns into obsessive it becomes your existence it becomesself-absorbed it additionally becomes one of those things where actually now that I’msaying this it makes me now not wish to do it once more but i do know i’m gonna desired tostep on stage another time of what i’m somewhat bit older – in view that I consider I’mprobably going to age into those masters classification pretty gracefully at the least that’swhat i’m hoping for and if i don’t then I will not ever do one again that’s simply theway it is gonna go for me and there was quite a few stress on myself and there’salso a lot of matters that it ruined numerous relationships I’ve had in thepast individuals didn’t see it for a very long time and it is just no longer the way in which i would like tolive even though I had pancakes almost day-to-day earlier than I got into the guys’sphysique exhibit it still was just a little strenuous on this sense of like good ifI had my pancakes i couldn’t go out with my associates laterthat week or that day I needed to particularly be concerned about justhitting everything flawlessly seeing that they failed to wish to win you wish to have to goin there looking your great and you then must pay to enter the show youdon’t earn money in the exhibit as a competitor until you win in the professionals sothat’s the thing you pay for the spray tan you pay for the board shorts you payto get there to stay come the drug checks you pay it is just like oh my god whatdid I simply do this for just so I might exhibit off my consider if i am on stage ifnext time i’m going into a pro show i’m gonna go over the position I want to go inthere win get this week it has supplements sponsored that I reallybelieve in or perhaps i will even create a complement through that point the object is I’mjust going through the entire matters that i’m no longer quite particularly joyful with thenatural bodybuilding and i don’t wish to do since I definitely think that if Ididn’t want to compete at a better level just like the IFBB they may be taking shit thatwe be aware of isn’t particularly legal and the thing is that’s what I wanna see though unluckily that iswhat makes money humans wish to see these freakishly large necks and veinsand stuff so you cannot blame the bodybuilders for that since that’swhat you purchase into that’s what will get the group going that’s what gets tough OhGod and that’s what gets persons inspire oraspire to look like that and be that means it’s an additional culture the thing isI’m not shitting on that tradition i’m simply pronouncing that is not anything thatI’m no longer sure I want to get into that’s not the trade-off that i need I imply youlook at Ronnie Coleman he used to be like forty years ancient he had to get both hipsreplaced front with y’all area of interest I have no idea how my recuperation is going I cannot goup today well uh I shall be strolling quickly I do not want that i would as a substitute just havethis and no longer that so that is the exchange-off I need to make and it might beyours too but these are some matters you have got to take into account and that is why I don’twant to do with a pro degree on the IFBB both need to stick with the naturallevels and guys please subscribe to my youtube channel i am hoping you found valuein this or as a minimum it received your wheels turn a little bit and which you could makedecisions for your self if you are inquisitive about my diet and trainingprograms that you would be able to take one in all my muscle and force packages with the aid of taking the bodydesign tool it is a survey you fill out a few questions and it is going to advisor you to theproper exercise program and vitamin for you see you guys soon

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