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Pa. National Guard Called In To Help Brighton Rehab And Wellness Center Where Over 300 Test Positive

And in Beaver County the Brighton rehabilitation and wellbeing middle is now one in every of eight nursing houses throughout the state receiving support from the Pennsylvania national defend as Lindsey Ward stories it’s been a challenging time for the facility because the cases and the deaths continue to rise with more than 300 testing optimistic for the coronavirus here at Brighton facility and more than 70 demise from the virus the plea for support from families and workers subsequently got here this morning the national protect showed up what we do recognize we all know little or no beaver county commissioner daniel camp mentioned it happened speedy they weren’t given too much know-how rather than the help of the country wide safeguard would be coming for vehicles all hauling trailers showed up simply before 7:00 this morning from what I would inform as they moved it up a bit quicker to support us right here already in order that they ought to have did a wants-centered comparison this weekend he says their office has been significant concerning the state well being department’s response to what was happening inside the facility he mentioned Brighton requested help in late March all while the virus unfold over ninety percent of the deaths in Beaver County have popping out of this facility Brighton released this declaration it says partially we proceed to make constructive strides in our efforts to manipulate and discontinue the unfold of kovat 19 supports from the country wide preserve will provide so much-needed comfort by means of allowing our nurses and aides to redirect their time and attention to the growing wellness desires of our residents I do believe that with the PA national guard right here it’ll aid in getting these correct numbers out and getting letting the general public comprehend what how many positive cases and how many positive how many deaths that got here out of this facility and at the moment we do not know where the look after will probably be saying even as helping the residents and workers here however we do be aware of they will be helping out by means of may just 18th reporting in Brighton Township Lindsay Ward ktk information

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