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Bikini Competitor Embraces Stretch Marks After Twins | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

I think like any mom I struggled with body image issues after giving birth you don’t come out of the hospital looking the same as you did before baby it just doesn’t happen my last bump photo was just very…

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ReBUILD: Fitness Fights Cancer

When you start looking up about pancreatic cancer you read statistics. Statistics say: 20 percent of people get to have— get to go into surgery. 10 percent of those get to have the surgery. five percent of those, they’ll take…

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I’m searching for something that I can’t reach I’m searching for something that I can’t reach I don’t like them innocent, I don’t want no face fresh Want them wearing leather, begging, let me be your taste test I like…

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These stolen moments we had words spoken left me broken tonight yeah now the damage is done and we could’ve had it all but now it’s gone and when you’re away I wish I could hear you say I want…

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TOP 10 Beautiful Fitness Models You Can’t Ignore In 2018

10 Beautifully Fit Models You Can’t Ignore A gorgeous face coupled with a shredded body, now how are you supposed to ignore such a lethal combination? Their love for fitness is worth admiring, if not that then at least the…

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