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Health and Wellness Fair

STUDENT INSTRUCTOR: “Six, seven, eight.” BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “From pumping iron.” STUDENT NURSE: “There we are.” BILL: “To blood pressure pumps.” MASSAGE THERAPIST: “Doing OK? BILL: “And from therapeutic massage…” ACUPUNCTURIST: “Are you feeling the needle? WOMAN: Yes. ACUPUNCTURIST: “Good.” BILL:…

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Is Hypnosis A Complete Hoax?

Now, you’ve all seen those magicians who call up audience members to the stage, hypnotize them, and they dance around like a chicken or take off their pants. But if you live in the United Kingdom, you might have no…

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The Science of Hypnosis

[SciShow Theme] Focus your eyes on this swinging watch. You’re getting sleepy, very sleepy… And now, when I snap my fingers You will watch this whole video. *SNAPS* You may have seen hypnotists make people fall asleep on command, quack…

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