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TOP 10 Beautiful Fitness Models You Can’t Ignore In 2018

10 Beautifully Fit Models You Can’t Ignore A gorgeous face coupled with a shredded body, now how are you supposed to ignore such a lethal combination? Their love for fitness is worth admiring, if not that then at least the…

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Is Aquafit Alone Enough Exercise to Lose Weight? | Ask A Trainer | LA Fitness

Hi, and welcome back to another episode of Ask A Trainer. Today I’m here with Pro Result® trainer, Kayla. Kayla, how are you doing? Pretty good, thanks. How are you? Great, thank you for asking. Today’s question comes to us…

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Gamers Getting Fit!

Hey guys – we are starting a 12 week fitness program on the 2nd of April! And we want you guys to come along for the ride! so as you know gamers aren’t the most typically active of people but…

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What I eat after a workout | Fitness balanced diet | Recipes

Rucola, spinach, Iceberg salad Yellow bell pepper Cheese Tofu Soy sauce, Olive oil Salmon baked in foil. As found on Youtube

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GT Fitness CrossFit Open Workout

We’re at GT Fitness in Utah cooter this week for CrossFit open workout so the fifth and final installment of this year’s CrossFit Games open is a seven-minute Umrah ascending repetition so we start off with three reps of a…

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4 Ways To Protect Your Hands If You’re Always At The Gym

Going to the gym and lifting weights is generally a positive experience. You look great, you feel great and you are healthy. For those who dont lift weights at all, or for those who are new to the game, it…

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