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Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – Question Everything About Your Health.

Hi, Dr. Minkoff here. The history of science and medicine is fraught with non-science, non-scientific methods. Basically, entrenched ideas are defended, and new ideas are put away. You could take religion, you could take lots of other subjects, but maybe…

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What I eat after a workout | Fitness balanced diet | Recipes

Rucola, spinach, Iceberg salad Yellow bell pepper Cheese Tofu Soy sauce, Olive oil Salmon baked in foil. As found on Youtube

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Self-Esteem – BEXLIFE

I am obsessed with hypnotism lately. Some of you are going to think that’s really weird and I assure you of all the weird things that I do, this is not one of them. It is very accessible. It is…

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