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Top 5 benefits to the Body When You Consume Raw Aloe Vera Juice – Health and Fitness || Life Care

Everybody has heard about the amazing curative characteristics of Aloe Vera. You can even grow your own Aloe Vera plant, and be sure that you always have it by your side in cases of an emergency. Did you know that…

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I Want Plastic Surgery?! | Weight Loss + Fitness Q&A

Hi guys I feel like it’s been forever since I filmed a video it hasn’t been that long but it’s sometime I don’t know it’s been a while okay hey guys it’s Adrienne welcome back to my channel and if…

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What I eat after a workout | Fitness balanced diet | Recipes

Rucola, spinach, Iceberg salad Yellow bell pepper Cheese Tofu Soy sauce, Olive oil Salmon baked in foil. As found on Youtube

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